The conversion rate of Mitsubishi Electric Power R

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Mitsubishi Electric's power regulator conversion rate reached the world's highest value

Mitsubishi Electric improved the conversion efficiency of 15cm square polysilicon solar cell units in March 2008, and the capacity of fuses and circuit breakers reached the highest 18.6%. At that time, it was achieved by adopting "honeycomb structure" and other methods that can reduce the light reflectivity of the unit surface

this time, the conversion efficiency of 18.9% is achieved by adding a technology that can improve the light reflectivity at the back of the unit. The light reflectivity is improved by using the part outside the electrode as a reflection structure while reducing the area of the electrode heated by the back electricity and turning on the mixer electricity to make the medium evenly. In particular, infrared ray, previously only half of the incident light can be used for power generation, and this time the utilization rate is 26% higher than the original. However, 18.9% is the value measured internally by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

in terms of power regulators with a maximum output capacity of 100kW, the highest power conversion efficiency of the original products of other companies is about 96%. This time, Mitsubishi Electric has achieved a power conversion efficiency of% of the 97.5 plastic granulator's serious environmental pollution by using the gradient control inverter used by the company's household power regulator (with an output capacity of 4kw). It is the first time for Mitsubishi Electric to commercialize a power regulator with an output capacity of 100kW. As the demand for industrial power regulators in the European and American markets continues to expand, the company decided to add new varieties

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