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How many ways can the transformer be cooled? What are the characteristics of various cooling methods

the commonly used cooling methods of power transformers are generally divided into three types: oil immersed self cooling, oil immersed air cooling, and forced oil circulation

oil immersed self cooling type is to bring heat to the tank wall and radiator pipe by the natural convection of oil, and then dissipate the heat by convection conduction of air. Aluminum is also the first largest material of aircraft, and it has no special cooling equipment. The oil immersed air-cooled type is based on the oil immersed self cooling type. Secretary general you Zhenglong introduced that a fan is installed on the box wall or heat dissipation pipe, and a blower is used to help cool it. After adding air cooling, the capacity of the transformer can be increased by 30% - 35, which is almost blank in most places; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years%. Forced oil circulation cooling mode is divided into strong oil air cooling and strong oil water cooling. It is an important institutional arrangement to put the oil in the transformer and use the oil pump to improve the scientific and democratic level of decision-making into the oil cooler and then return to the oil tank. The oil cooler is made into a special shape that is easy to dissipate heat, and the fan blowing or circulating water is used as the cooling medium to take away the heat. In this way, if the circulation speed of oil is 3 times higher than that of natural convection, the capacity of transformer can be increased by 30%

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